Gather: From Idea to Reality

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Gather:  From Idea to Reality

I had always dreamed of opening some type of bar or restaurant.  At the start, it was a selfish dream: designing my perfect place where I could order exactly what I wanted and sit someplace that was exactly where I wanted to be.  In my mind, the perfect food was tasty, satisfying, and wholesome, utilizing high quality organic and locally-sourced ingredients.  The perfect place had naturally warm décor, comfortable seating, friendly staff, and great music.   

 As farmers markets became more and more popular throughout Northern Nevada, consumers sought out organic, non-GMO, and naturally raised meats and produce like never before.  Farmers saw the increased market interest and responded by increasing crop yield and building hoop houses to satisfy Nevadans’ desire for locally-raised produce in colder months.  In essence, over the past few years, the farm to table movement has really taken off in Northern Nevada. 

 I’m just going to admit it – I am in love with the farm to table movement.  I love everything about it.  I love that there is renewed public interest in knowing where your food comes from.  I love having an awareness of what type of food I’m eating and whether it is something wholesome that I feel good about feeding to my son.  I love that small farmers have a market to sell the fruits of their labor, and that people want to buy local products from local producers. 

 I asked myself this question:  what if we built a healthy menu and created a space that fosters friends, family, and food in a new way?  Gather was born from this idea.  I wanted to give back to the town I love by creating a space and restaurant that will bring wholesome food and good vibes to enrich Carson City and its downtown.  Gather will have naturally warm décor, comfortable seating, friendly staff, and great music.  Gather is a community-minded venture:  a place for farmers to sell their food, a place for chefs to turn that food into magic, and a place for the community to spend quality time with loved ones.  When searching for a space, we came across the Horseshoe Club building, perfectly located in the center of all of the downtown renovation.  We are working to create a great interactive space for all.  Construction is in the works now.  In the Spring of 2018, come by and find your own reason to Gather.

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