A New Era for the Horseshoe Club Building

Many of you will remember walking into the Horseshoe Club, greeted by the sound of slot machines and the smell of cigarette smoke.  Whether you were a regular or only celebrated there once a year on Nevada Day, long-time Carson City residents all have their own memories and stories to tell about the Horseshoe.  My favorite memory is ordering the grilled cheese sandwich from the tiny food counter in the back.  Years ago in high school, I worked at Beauty and the Beads, located only a block away, and my co-workers and I would often order grilled cheese sandwiches and fries, taking them back to the shop for a working lunch.  The Horseshoe’s grilled cheese sandwiches were the best – whether ordered for lunch or for a 2am snack after a night on the town.

But this is a new era for the Horseshoe and a brand new concept.  No more slot machines and no more smoke.  While the historic bones of the Horseshoe Club will be preserved, the interior is undergoing a complete renovation.  The food will move beyond the diner grill to something more wholesome and tasty, but just as nostalgic and satisfying.  Can’t wait to make more memories in the new era, beginning in the Spring of 2018!