Gather: Unplug to Reconnect

Gather:  Unplug to Reconnect

When I sat down to think about my favorite restaurants, a common theme seemed to run through all of them.  Sure, the food and drinks were great.  But more than that, it was the feeling that each restaurant evoked – its vibe – that made it a place I wanted to visit.  A place I wanted to be.  In large part, it was because these restaurants invited their customers in and encouraged them to connect – through the stories of where the food came from, the cozy seating, the great music.  These restaurants take us back to a simpler space in time:  a time where it was just ourselves with our loved ones, our favorite people, without the distraction of cell phones and their incessant delivering of messages.

Gather is where we come to unplug and reconnect.  Regain what you’ve lost in the noise of the internet and your busy lives.  Put your cell phone away, or better yet, leave it in your car or at home.  Take time to enjoy your meal.  Talk with your friends, your significant other, your kids.  Take some time to savor these fleeting moments.